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    Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

    $ 84.90 $ 99.90

    This coding set for kids turns coding into a hands-on analog activity for tactile and visual learners. As kids learn to program they build key skills that include critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing, and programming fundamentals.

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    Robo Rally

    $ 54.90 $ 74.90

    Enter the world of mad machines and dangerous schemes in the Robo Rally board game. Players control their robot with game cards which reveal directions on how the robots can move through the hectic Robo Rally automobile factory. Use strategy to outsmart rival robots while racing towards each checkpoint in your chosen course in numerical order. Beware of factory obstacles such as industrial lasers, gaping pits, and moving conveyer belts that can make or break the race.

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    Code Monkey Island

    $ 64.90 $ 74.90

    Code Monkey Island is a family-friendly board game that introduces kids ages 8 and up to programming concepts used by real programmers. Code Monkey Island is a board game designed for families. It takes about a minute to learn the rules and 45 minutes to play, and exposes kids to fundamental programming concepts like control structures, data structures, Boolean logic and operators, and assignment and mathematical operations.

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    Potato Pirates

    $ 35.90

    Potato Pirates is a lethal combination of potatoes, programming, and piracy rolled into an epic card game.

    Roast, mash, or fry your opponents and send them down to Davy Jones’ locker — but before you can reign terror on the high seas, you have to first master the art of potato war. Use programming concepts such as functions, loops, and conditionals to fortify your attacks. If that’s not enough, you could just loot and hijack your way to victory by saving Potato King from the deadlock of doom.

    When in need, summon the Kraken to your aid and deny everything…

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