About Games4Good

  • Tell us more about Games4Good.

Games4Good is an online store based in Singapore. We believe in creating an inclusive community through boardgames. Boardgames are good for everyone.


  • Do you have a physical store?

We are an online store. We store our products in our warehouse and deliver your orders using various shipping options.


  • How do I sign up as a member?

Please register by filling up all mandatory fields in the registration form.


  • Will you use my personal data for other purposes?

We will not use your personal data in whatsoever manner apart from fulfilling our retailer obligations towards you as our customer. We are bound by the personal data protection act (see https://www.pdpc.gov.sg/legislation-and-guidelines).


  • How can I become a premium member?

Premium membership is by invitation only. We value all our customers. We appreciate customers who support us and help us grow. One way we show our appreciation is by giving them some extra privileges such as earning bonus points for their purchases and more discounts. We welcome all to become our premium member by making us your preferred retailer.


  • What’s the difference between normal membership and premium membership?

Normal members enjoy storewide 10% discount off all products (except Kickstarter products) while premium members enjoy store 15% discount off all products (except Kickstarter products) and 20% discount off selected products (except Kickstarter products). Premium members enjoy bonus points on their purchases. Premium members are allowed to pledge Kickstarter products through us.



  • Are all your products genuine?

Yes, we only sell genuine products. We source our products from various authorized sources such as wholesalers, distributors, publishers and retailers.


  • Are all your products in English?

The majority of our products is published in English. Some are multilingual with English rules. There are a few products which is published in German but comes with downloadable English rules.


  • What do I do if there are missing components?

Please contact the publisher of your product directly. Please email us if you need assistance to find their contact information.



  • Where can I find more information about the various products?

Boardgamegeek (https://www.boardgamegeek.com) is the best source of information on board games. Publishers also provide information about their products on their websites.



  • Do you do game requests for those not found in your store?

We do not do game requests. What you can do is to submit a wishlist. If there is sufficient interest, we will do our best to stock it.



Ordering and Payment

  • Can I place an order without logging in?

You have to log in to place an order. This protects your confidential information and ensures a proper order process.


  • What are the various ways of making payment?

Singapore members may use Paypal or bank transfer. Additionally, they can make payment using Shopee.


Overseas members may only use Paypal.


Shipping and Delivery

  • Can we opt for self-collection or arrange for pick up at your warehouse?

As an online store, we advocate speed and convenience by using the reliable services of professional couriers. Requests to pick up orders at our warehouse have to be sent via emails and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


  • How long do you take to ship my order? How long can I expect to receive my order?

For orders made in Singapore, we ship out in stock games the next day. It would take another 2-3 days to arrive at your doorstep. We will also provide a tracking number for you to track your order.

For overseas orders beyond Singapore, the delivery duration depends on the shipping options. You will be informed when the order is shipped out. You will be given a tracking number to track your order.


  • Can we use normal postage as shipping options?

We only offer normal postage for products weighing not more than 400g. Normal postage does not come with tracking.


Kickstarter projects

  • Do you organize Kickstarter pledges?

Yes we do. We will organize Kickstarter group pledge subject to availability and interest.